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Police School of Catalonia

The Police School organizes the formative activities addressed to the Law Enforcement of Catalonia, that is the Police of the Government of Catalonia–Mossos d'Esquadra and the local police forces.

The municipal and auxiliary watchers of local police forces, as well as the members of other professional structures with functions of public securityy in the service of the institutions typical of Catalonia are also formed there.

Types of training

  • Basic
  • Ongoing
  • For promotion
  • For specialisation
  • For trainers
  • For qualifications
  • Leadership development
  • Conferences


Every year, the Police School of Catalonia implements a process to identify training needs, in a dialogue with the various law enforcement agencies. It then draws up a yearly training plan and designs the content to be taught, and is committed to providing high quality training and innovation.

Elements that are key to the academy’s work include the careful assessment and monitoring of trainees, preparing them to face future situations with confidence, and training them to be public servants who protect the public’s rights and freedoms and are able to integrate their professional expertise into the society of which they form part.